The "Go or Stay" Lists


We're waiting for orders. We've been waiting for orders for quite some time. And my lists are getting longer. I'm guessing I'm not alone in having two sets of lists at any given time, usually based on either whether we are PCSing (but sometimes on whether or not my husband gets promoted.)

Like right now. We're pretty sure we're going (hopefully overseas), so I'm not buying anything. Small stuff (like sesame oil), and big stuff, too. My dryer is dying, but that's OK. I'll just keep drying things twice. And our second fridge. Also dying. Once I get the freezer emptied, it is out of here. And the vacuum. Though I think I might replace that because if we live in housing overseas, we'll have 110 electricity. Oh, and the car. If I can just make it last until June without an super expensive repairs, I will be so happy.

On the flip side, we're in for a few big bills of we don't move. All those things are going to need to be replaced, and most of them pretty soon. The stay list is long. Good thing I've had months (and months) to prepare for it.

The go list - it is growing as well. Carpets for the tiled floors in housing. Dumping the really ratty old furniture, seeing what will last another three years, and possibly filling in any gaps. A kitchen island? Maybe. Extra US sized sheets for our US sized mattresses? Probably. Oh, dear - I'm overwhelmed.

Do you have multiple personality disorder while you are waiting to find out if you are moving? Or do you just continue on as usual, and deal with it when it actually happens? Anyone tried both ways and discover that one is better than the other? I want to know.

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