"It's Home"


LAW explains so well why the shooting at Fort Hood shocks us to the core:

All of us in the milspouse world know at least one person who has beenthere, is going there, or is there now. It hurts. Being on post issupposed to be safe, it's home, it's where they understand ourlanguage, where we can read the uniform and know who that is. It's theknown, no matter where we end up in the world, Post/Base, is the same.There's the PX, there's the Commissary, there's HQ, there's the unit,the orderly room, the theatre where you stand for the national anthem,the flagpole where you face when retreat is sounded. Whether it'sAFSOUTH, or Belvoir, Bragg or Quantico, it's home. It's not supposed tobe dangerous; it's not supposed to be scary. Show Full Article

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