Doing Pregnancy Alone

I am ready for a silver linings post, this time about pregnancy.

My husband left for a nine month deployment right after we found out I was pregnant with our first child. He will miss the entire pregnancy. I can think of a million ways that it stinks that he's gone: no one to go with me to ultrasounds, no one to feel my belly when she kicks, no one to rub my feet or go downstairs to get me a glass of water. No pampering at all. That is lame.

But I have been trying to keep track of the good things about doing this alone. I have come up with a couple.

1) I don't have to cook for anyone else. My husband left four days after morning sickness set in. During those four days, I felt guilty that I wasn't making him his favorite foods or taking care of him before he left. But as soon as he was gone, it was such a blessing. If I only felt like eating grapes for dinner, there was no one else to worry about. When the smell of food made me sick, I just didn't cook anything. It was much easier than feeling bad that I wasn't making him dinner or having to sit by and gag while he made something for himself.

2) This also applies to all other chores. If I didn't feel like doing laundry, I let it sit. If I didn't feel like vacuuming or dusting or making the bed, no one else was gonna see it anyway.

3) I get the whole bed to myself. I am not that comfortable in bed these days, and at least I have a queen-sized to myself. I sleep plumb in the middle surrounded by pillows. I get up five times a night to use the bathroom. I don't bother anyone but myself. And if my husband were here, he'd probably think it was weird if I made a huge pillow barricade in between us to prop up my back.

4) I get gas. I don't even think I need to explain that one. There is no one to laugh at me if I just have to let it rip.

I am sure many of you have done all or part of the nine months pregnant without your husbands. Any silver linings you came up with?

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