Welcome Back, Murphy


What a sad little TV show that would be! Welcome Back, Kotter was great. Welcome Back, Murphy? Not so much.

With everything that's been going on lately, I had not even uttered Murphy's name lately. When I do, it is in the vein of Seinfeld's uttering Newman's name.

Yeah, like that.

On Friday night, I decided that because M2 has a soccer game at 9 a.m. Saturday and a possible game at 2 should they win at 9, I would drive the truck to the field so she could rest in the long bench seat. That meant I'd need to gas up the truck. We wanted to go to dinner so I thought we'd just take the truck and go.

We went to Sam's Club to fill the truck. I put over $50 worth of gas in the darn thing. I climbed back in the cab to leave and nothing.

No starting.

Clickity, clickity. Buzz.

Perhaps I should not have allowed Miley Cyrus' Party in The USA to continue playing while I filled the tank? At any rate, it was DEAD.

I called AAA. They called a wrecker so I could get a jump. Flat bed truck showed up, but the jump thing was drained by my truck each time he tried to use it. He towed the truck to our mechanic's. Our mechanic is close to the house of our only local relatives. I called to see if they were home and could possibly give us a ride to our house to save the poor driver such a long trip. The cousins were meeting to eat at a restaurant near my mechanic's so the driver dumped us out front of the restaurant. He was a very nice guy, as tow drivers usually are it seems.

We ate dinner, chatted it up and then came home. I thought for a split second that the garage door opener that I'd had the smarts to grab was not going to work. It did. Thank God because the neighbor with the key to our house is on vacation and my husband's keys are in the mechanic's drop box.

Gotta love Old Murph. He sure did know how to liven up a Friday night.

Better remember to clean up the dog doo-doo in the backyard this weekend. Shhh! It's a surprise--don't want Murphy to know what he's getting for Christmas.

Luckily, the mechanic found only a dead cell in the battery to have caused the issue and the truck has been repaired with an oil change to boot. Yea for the Home Team!

I'm interested in knowing where Murphy has been hiding out lately. Post your Murphy sightings in comments!

(adapted from a post at Most Certainly Not)

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