Trading Deployments Makes Them Go Faster


Air Force wife Darla made me laugh today with this paragraph:

A wise woman once told me that those that haven't experienceddeployment or long periods of separated time from spouse/partners can'tpossibly understand how we feel when someone says something like 'ohhe'll be home soon' or 'over half way there!' or 'three months will flyby!' She explained it along the lines of 'why don't you try stickingyour head in a doorway and slamming it repeatedly with the door for thenext three months or 30 days and see how quickly time flies by.'

It's funny how grating it can be when people tell you how quickly they think your deployment has gone. I always feel like saying, "Gee, I sure am glad it's flown by so fast for you!"

And I try very hard never to tell other military spouses that they're "almost there!" or how quickly time will fly. I know how much it stinks to say that out loud, even though, truthfully, everyone else's deployment goes so much faster than my own.

Maybe Darla and I could trade deployments? Hers seems to have gone fast for me, and I'm sure mine is going fast by her standards too. If we could only figure out how to trade...

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