I, for one, am so glad September is FINALLY over!

September was the month the kids spent getting readjusted to school. The kindergartner still hasn't quite gotten there. She loves school, but it's kicking her little patootie. She's just so tired but can't take a nap because then she doesn't sleep and then she's even more tired the next day... It's a vicious cycle.

My 6-month dental check-up time came up over the summer. And whowants to take 2 kids as spectators for that? Especially when one can'tbe still or quiet to save her life. So I waited. Oh, and I had a wisdom trying to erupt. It was fun. I finally got in to see my dentist in September. Not only did I have to have a cavity filled (first time in ages, by the way!), but I also had to see an oral surgeon about the wisdom tooth. Fun, I tell you. That's 4 dental-related appointments in as many weeks.

While everyone else was at SBLive, I was having a wisdom tooth removed. There is just something really wrong that. At least I was heavily medicated!

The antibiotic the oral surgeon prescribed didn't like me very much and I ended up in the ER. Since it's a civilian hospital, I'm cringing waiting for TRICARE to kick the claim back and then have the hospital come after us (which is what happened the last time we had to go to a civilian ER and it almost ruined our credit).

But the worst event of the month was on the green side of the house. We lost a Marine in a training accident. Despite the heat, it was chilling to see the Marines in their dress blues, giving this young man full honors at the cemetery. They stood in formation in their wool uniforms in the Florida heat, never wavering. It was inspiring to see the love and care with which two of the Marines folded the flag before presenting it to the parents. But hearing the sobs of a 20 year old widow broke my heart.

October is going to be better, right?

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