My Children Have Lost Their Minds


We are remarkably close to my husband's return home for R&R, or mid-tour leave, or whatever it is called nowadays. We're all obviously a little excited, but I am overwhelmed by the level of wackiness coming out of my children. Really, I don't know how we'll get through two weeks of Dad without some sort of colossal collision of kid craziness X4 and one Dad who hasn't been around kids in a long time. Of course, it is possible that the conflict will actually be between the kids and me, since I have visions of a pleasant two week visit that is free of any friction and foolishness.

One part of me wants to believe that this is normal and expected, and the other part of me thinks that they should STOP RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Even though we're all different, and I can see that my kids are each responding in their own ways, I'd still love to hear your experiences, thoughts and tips. Anything to help me remember that it's all going to turn out OK - please share!

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