Just Another Day


It's been an eternity since I've heard from my husband. OK, it was just last Thursday, but for some reason it feels really long. And it's playing tricks on my head by now. Yesterday I had nothing to do and was wearing sweatpants around the house. I actually had the thought that maybe I ought to dress up or look a little nicer, just in case casualty notification showed up at the door. Then I thought maybe I ought to clean up my bedroom a little, so they wouldn't see the pile of underpants I had folded but not put away. And then I started telling myself I was being silly and to just relax. But part of me was nagging that I would regret it if I had to excuse myself from notification to go put away the laundry. Round and round like a crazy person after only five days of unexpected absence.

And I'm filing this post under "Day in the Life of a Milspouse" because, sadly, thinking they might be dead is just a normal part of our day sometimes...

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