It Rubs Off


One of the best things about getting together with my military spouse friends is the common language we speak. I mean, we all speak militarese with various levels of proficiency, but there is a common sense of humor as well.

Andi talked about the Gallows Humor that is endemic in our lifestyle, but there's more. I think it is probably a common sense of smart-assery.

And where would we be without our ability to make fun of ourselves and our situations? I mean, it's laugh or cry quite often, right? And we have quite an example to follow in our service-member spouses!

One of my favorite smart-assery situations is when we make fun of the OpSec that is so much a part of deployments. Semper Fi Wife was starting some of her statements to me last weekend with phrases like, "The bear went over the mountain at midnight," delivered in a low measured voice.

And then there's the statement that has become ubiquitous as a reply to those gremlins that stalk us and love to throw wrenches into our carefully laid plans, "Embrace the suck, right?"

I've barked out "embrace the suck" in the company of civilians who aren't familiar with the background of that statement and the astounded looks are something amazing to behold. Even better is the reaction when you tell someone ELSE to embrace the suck!

We have tons of these sarcastic statements. Which ones do you use?

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