A recent deer in headlights moment.


The other day I was working with a nurse going through childcare information so she could check things off in the computer that different topics had been reviewed and they could be confident in our ability to care for the latest addition to the family.

But then she went ahead and threw a curve ball...

"How many floors is your house?"

And for the life of me I *could not* picture our house at all. Such a tricky tricky question.

I remembered the apartment we lived in at our last duty station. The house we moved into when we pcs-ed. A mish mosh combination of all the houses we have lived in was coming into my mind and I got this horrified look on my face. I laughed a little and asked her why I couldn't answer such a simple question. And I can't even blame it on pregnancy brain anymore. Terrible.

So I have decided to blame it on the military lifestyle and moving so much. I might be too new to the game to have much truth in it, but I am hoping she bought it.

What other mental flubs can we blame on milspouse-dom?

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