The power of persistence

Remember this?

I had another conversation with the same woman as before about the master HOA's requirements before I worked out in the gym room at the clubhouse this morning. They were willing to accept Stretch's military ID in lieu of a Driver's License showing his current address. They wondered if I would be willing to get a state-issued ID (not a Driver's License), though. Apparently, they are only $10. We talked a bit longer and I finally understood that their main objective was to prevent people from renting a place for only a week or a month at a time.

Well, we have a lease that says otherwise. We have a tenancy approval letter from our HOA (it falls under the master HOA). All our bills come to this address, but they won't accept them as proof that we actually live there.

I did my workout while stewing over all this. In fact, I barely noticed when I was running. And that is saying quite a lot, folks!

Afterward, I approached the woman again. I don't know if it was because I was sweaty and probably stinky or because of my badgering persistence. The conversation didn't go particularly well.

Me: I just want to clarify: You're willing to cut my husband a break but not me?

Her: We just wondered if you'd be willing to get a [state] ID. Just forget it.

Me: It's the principle...

Her: Just forget it!

I had planned to explain that it didn't make sense to make an exception for Stretch because he's in the military but not for me because I'm not when we're married. I have an ID that has both our names on it showing that we are married. I had planned to tell her that I felt I was being discriminated against for being married to someone in the military. The list went on but she clearly didn't want to hear any of it.

That's okay, though.

Because I won.

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