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We've discussed this before, but I saw this article and thought it was worth discussing again. During our last deployment, I got our girls Daddy Dolls. In the past, I've put pictures of my husband on the wall next to the kids' beds, cribs, and in their playroom at their eye level using clear contac paper, so they could touch him, kiss him, etc. while he was away.

During our first deployment of the Long War, we sent cassette tapes back and forth. He could hear random things our then 2 year old was doing and saying. We got hear his voice either just talking or reading a story. We had to do it old school then because we only had snail mail for communication.

I know there are a lot of creative folks out there. So let's hear it. How do you stay connected to your spouse while they are gone? And how do you keep them connected with the kids?

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