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If you're not a member of military.com, you should be. Over ten million people are! Registration is free and there are numerous benefits.You can find friends, make friends, find job postings and get career advice, find information on duty stations, receive special discounts and much, much more. This is probably a good time to remind you that you can sign up to receive the Family and Spouse Newsletter, a great newsletter which compiles the best news and items of interest to military spouses families twice monthly, and sends it straight to your inbox.

Military.com has revampedtheir community offeringsto include fresh, creative ways to connect with even more people who understand the unique military experience.Below is more information on what you can expect from an enhanced community now, and in the coming weeks and months.

The new Military.com service member community provides an opportunity to interact in an environment where everyone shares and understands the military lifestyle. This is what makes the Military.com community a unique and special tool for staying in touch with your military friends and colleagues. You won't find the "what pop-star do I look like personality test", but you will be able to reach out to your military connections for job networking, getting help during a PCS, or just venting to a community that understands the context of your situation.

Additionally, we're rolling out search features that are unique to the Military community. So far we've added MOS, Rank, Age and Email to people search options. In September we'll be adding Installation, Civilian Job and Schools. This fall we'll be adding the ability to search on past and present military units.

Many users have noticed that a lot of member information that used to be publicly available is now only viewable by members you indicate as friends. We've done this to make sure our community is secure and OPSEC compliant. At Military.com you can be sure that nothing you or anyone else posts on your profile can be accessed by anyone you haven't cleared personally.

When first starting out, make sure to visit your member profile, just click on one of the My Account links across the site. Your profile is split into two sections. The first is your activity profile which lists your latest activities, salutes, groups and friends. The second section is your profile bio, which lists your badges and ribbons, installation history, education and civilian employment history and other military service details. This information is needed for your military friends and colleagues to find you.

The most important page for communicating is your Community Home page Using the Sound Off feature you can communicate with all of your contacts at once, and view all of their activities - questions, comments, photos etc in the activity feed. When a contact sends you a message, friend invitation or comments on your profile you'll receive an alert on this page as well as an email.

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be steadily adding new features. Coming very soon will be photo sharing, and a new group platform that allow members and organizations to create any type of group they need, not just Unit Pages and ROTC groups.

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