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Lancelot and I went on a mini-break(can you tell I love "Bridget Jones' Diary") last week. We traveled out to San Clemente on Tuesday for a couple of days with no hard plans at all. We just wanted to enjoy a beautiful place, eat good food, read and relax. At the end of the week, we were off to Spousebuzz Live at Camp Pendleton.

Ahhhh....what a break!!!

We arrived on Tuesday evening in San Diego. Even in the dark, we were greeted with familiar sights all the way up the 5 to San Clamente. Lancelot and I lived in the area from 2003 to 2005 and really loved it there. How could you not love living in Paradise?

We spent the next couple of days eating all the food we missed from places like In -n- Out Burger. Rubio's, andSurfin' Donuts, We ate dinner one night on the San Clemente pier and watched the sun set. We finally made it to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. I started reading Dan Brown's latest book. And after aboutseven weeks of feeling like I'd been hanging on by my very short fingernails, I started to relax a little.

The best part of my vacation was going to Camp Pendleton for Spousebuzz Live on Saturday. It felt so much like coming home. I wasproud to have Spousebuzz come out to put on a live event at a base i have called home. It was our very first time at a Marine base and I was so happy to be there for it.

The tone was set for our Spousebuzz Live by Mrs.Ellyn Dunford, whose husband isthecommanding general of 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. She came out in a Princess Leia outfit and read a particularly appropriate version for military spouses of the beginning of the very first Star Wars movie. We hope to have the notes from her speech soon but trust me, it was great!! Thank you so much, Ellyn. We couldn't have had a better start for the day.

What followed was whathappens at all Spousebuzz Live events. We talked, we shared advice and experiences. We laughed, we cried and we realized that our tribe is large and rank/service branch is not important at all. We live the military life. Not everyone understands it but when you go into a room and find that everyone in that room does, you've come home in a sense.

I know that I returned home from this weekend with the feeling that my batteries were recharged and I was ready to take on what is to come: deployment for my son to Afghanistan in the next 5 or 6 weeks, decisions about our future in the military, my daughters graduating from college and all the little things that life throws at you along the way. I amready and it's due, in no small part, to my time this weekend with Spousebuzz at Camp Pendleton. I hope all who attended got something out of it too!!!

Thank you to all who attended at Pendleton this part weekend.You were wonderful!!!

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