Falling In Love All Over Again


My husband has been deployed for two months now. He has no access to webcams, so the other day when he sent me a photo of himself on a mission, my first look at him in two months, it took my breath away. Has he always been this handsome?

I reciprocated with a belly shot, for I am starting to look pregnant and round. He replied via email with, "You look cute. Were you that pretty when I left?"

I think that's one of the best parts of deployment: falling in love with your spouse's looks all over again.

During my husband's first deployment in 2004, he had been gone for four months before we were able to find a webcam and see each other. I still remember bursting into tears when I finally saw his face again. Last year he got to webcam frequently, but even mundane things seemed cuter when he was far away. I don't look twice when he smokes a cigar at home, but when he popped up on that webcam with a cigar in his mouth, I remember thinking it was the cutest thing ever.

It is a nice perk of deployment: we never get bored of seeing their faces.

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