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Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio we have a very special show - Dondi Scumaci, author of the books Designed for Success and Ready, Set, Grow!

Dondi writes and speaks about the issues that confront women in the workplace, and gives us solutions on how to turn those situations around to our best advantage. And let's face it, for military spouses with the constant moves and uncertainty of our lifestyle, her advice is very timely!

In the beginning of Designed for Success, Dondi presents a checklist:

* Sometimes I don't believe in myself enough - I second guess myself and look for permission and approval* I don't want to let anyone down, so I keep saying yes - even when I am overwhelmed to the point of panic* Sometimes I accept what isn't acceptable. I say "It's fine," when it really isn't.* I have trouble asking for -or accepting- help. I think I should be able to handle things on my own and I don't want to impose on others.* I'm burned out, stressed out, and overwhelmed.* Sometimes I feel like I'm being set up to fail.* Career plan? Are you kidding? Right now my plan is to get through this week.

See anything there that you recognize? Then you definitely need to catch this show! We'll be talking to Dondi Scumaci tonight at 8 PM Eastern on our SpouseBUZZ Radio show. We'll also be taking call ins. And as usual, our chat room will be hopping!

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