New Paternity Leave Policy

Did you know that a new paternity leave policy allows married active duty service members up to 10 consecutive days of administrative leave after the birth of a child? It was news to me. Apparently the new policy was signed into law on Oct 14, 2008. To say that not all of us are aware of this new policy is - I venture to guess - a gross understatement.

The policy states that paternity leave must be taken within 45 days of a child's birth, if the father is in the U.S. If the father is deployed, he must take the leave within 60 days of returning from deployment. Leave not taken within the established time-frames will be lost. I shudder to think of how many military families have not been able to take advantage of this. If you are pregnant and being seen at a military facility - have you been made aware of this new policy?

I read about this policy in a military magazine. Has anyone else heard of this policy? Has anyone used this policy? Please share, if you have any further details!

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