If I can fix a toilet, anyone can


The old dog is learning new tricks. 

Let me start by saying, I am not handy.  I call tools "thingys and dohickeys" and such.  So when things break around here, and DH is gone, and (I was raised by depression effected folks) I am to stubborn to pay someone $80 to show up at my house.  That is a phone bill, or 4 bags of groceries!

 I fixed the toilet  myself.  This time I actually videotaped it.  I was not intending on it, but my 7 year old son and I decided what the heck.

In good news, it was just a simple toilet flush lever.  I replaced it for $6.78, instead of the $80.00 I probably would have paid a plumber for his time, and parts. 

I am not sure if you get the idea, my videographer after all is 7.  He almost stuck my camera in the tank. 

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