If Every Day is a Winding Road.....


then Friday was a Rattlesnake Canyon double switchback.

I woke up that morning thinking that I was going to enjoy having both twins and the Dark Prince home. I was going to take the girls shopping for school stuff and then out to lunch.

Life is what happens while you're making plans.

Lancelot called at about 9:30 in the morning. He asked how I was doing and had I spoken to the Dark Prince, which seemed odd to me because that boy doesn't rise until well after 11:00 am. When I reminded him of this (duh!!), he took a deep breathe and told me the following:

"The Dark Prince has volunteered to go to Afghanistan and he leaves for the Reserve Center Saturday morning."

I will spare all of you a detailed description of my response. Suffice to say that it was profane and contained threats of bodily violence. Lots and lots of bodily violence.

So here I sit, 5 days later, dealing with an upcoming deployment that I did not see coming at all. I am making contact with his new company's Family Readiness group, counting Christmas stockings for an Operation Santa project and being a generally cranky person.

On the bright side, I have my support network right here at Spousebuzz to count on and that truly means a lot to me.

Anybody have suggestions/advice for what to send to Afghanistan? Do cans of Marine wife/ mom whoop-tushy travel well?

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