I don't mean to be a problem child...


...really, I don't! But I think I may be in HOA, um, H-E-double hockey sticks (trying to keep that G rating, folks!)

I may have mentioned that we currently live in Civilian Land. Even worse, we live in a gated community. It has an HOA, of course. We had to renew our lease at the beginning of the summer which also meant renewing our transponders that get us in the gate without having to go through the guard. Now, it seems that we have to re-register everything again next month because everyone has to do it then. Apparently, they do this every two years.

This wouldn't be so bad, except I had to go and ask what we needed to do. As I looked at the overly long list of required documents we have to bring to get this done, one requirement caught my eye. We need to have valid driver's licenses with our current address.

As often as we've moved, my driver's license has rarely had my current address on it. To make matters worse, I had just gotten a license in our previous state less than a year before moving here last year. We knew coming to this state that we'd only be here two years. So I made sure that it wasn't required that either of us get a driver's license in this state. (Some states don't require it of the service member but do require it of the spouse.) I'm sorry, but there's no way I am spending the money going to the effort of getting yet another driver's license when I still have years left on my currently valid license. Especially since state law does not require it!

When I told the woman to whom I was speaking in no uncertain terms that neither I nor my husband would be getting drivers' licenses in this state, she looked a bit taken aback. She even said they weren't told what to do if someone refused to do something. To her credit, she tried to find out if there was a military exception to the rule and then took my information to refer the question to someone on the board. She probably didn't think it would be a good idea to give me the man's phone number when I asked for it. And she might've been right.

At least THIS time, if I end up starting trouble, Stretch won't get called on the carpet with his boss...

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