True Friends' Celebration

Without getting into a pity party, suffice it to say I've had a monumentally lousy week. Having said that, I'm painfully aware there are others who've had worse! So, when I Facebooked about my lousy week one night last week, who was it that picked up the phone to make sure I was okay?

Some local friend? No.

A family member? No.

It was a SpouseBUZZ sister - of course!

A friend from across the country (Nebraska to be exact! And you know who you are!!!) who offered me comfort and companionship, a shoulder to lean on and words of wisdom! What a great group we have here! What a solid wall of support to lean on and rely on! What a magnificent group of milspouses! Thank you, Andi, for conceiving this idea and giving all a tremendous bond with some of the most incredible people!

It reminded me of just how intense the bond of Military Spouses is, across time and space. Reminded me of the time Maint Toad stayed with me through Migs' ER visit and resultant surgery. Reminded me of all the support Andi gave me when we were getting Sew Much Comfort up and running! Reminded me of the pain we all felt when Trying to Grok endured so many miscarriages - we all felt the loss and heartache. So, if you have MilSpouse stories of support, please feel free to share them and celebrate your MilSpouse friendships!

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