Please Define "Mid-"


Last year when my husband deployed, he was supposed to leave in mid-May. He left May 6th. That's not "mid" in my book. This year he's supposed to leave mid-July. I said I'd believe it when I see it...

Last year, my husband's deployment date kept slowly creeping forward. Every day, they shaved a day or two off our time together. Unfortunately, I had made long-standing plans to meet up with my fellow SpouseBUZZers at the beginning of May. The gals and Toad were flying in from all over the country to get together, and as our deployment day kept creeping forward, I started fearing I would have to skip the gathering.

My husband finally said that I needed to be with my friends for one night before he left, that they would boost my spirits and help me cope. He said, "You don't have anyone here in town to take care of you while I'm gone,
and when else are you going to get the chance to be with your good
friends?" He would pack and get ready to leave while I was gone, and we'd have a couple days together before he left.

So I drove to AirForceWife's house.

I got there late in the evening, and a few hours later, the phone rang. It was my husband. Deployment had again gotten bumped forward, and they were leaving tomorrow.

I left AirForceWife's house the next morning, drove like a maniac to get back home, and had about six hours together before he deployed.

He assured me that would not happen again this year.

It has appeared that we are still tracking to leave mid-July. But last night, my husband came home and said that some flight schedules had gotten messed up and they might not all be leaving at the scheduled time. He might leave on the original day or it might be a day or two later. He doesn't know yet.

I did the I-told-you-so dance.

But at least this time the date is getting pushed later instead of earlier!

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