On a trip to the commissary...

Even though we live on post, I rarely venture into the commissary. And I was going to say that I didn't know why, but today pretty much summed it up. I do not carry cash. Pretty much ever. The baggers deserve/expect/require tips. Our debit cards will only function as credit cards at our commissary, which means no cash back option. I feel like a total milspouse failure as I try to figure out how to best (and least embarassingly)get the bagger to move on to the next aisle for someone who isn't breaking the rules. But today this deer in headlights moment in my life was tempered by something pretty awesome I think I would have been unlikely to find in a civilian grocery store.

At the end of an aisle I saw some bags and boxes of Red, White & You USO Sweethearts. I just love that they are offering these. I am not sure how they are going to hold up on a journey to Iraq, but I intend to find out. The Necco site is selling the little boxes by the case so if you have more than a few months left on a deployment or send stuff for teams, etc that seems like a great idea.

I included an image after the jump of the ad I found that is super cute and also printable and ready to mail out to deployed servicemembers.


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