Mail Takes Too Long


I'm having mail anxiety. It just takes too darn long for the mail to travel overseas. And I'm nervous about jinxing myself.

It's happened before...

My second pregnancy started right before a deployment too. I blogged:

I wrote two weeks ago about giving life-altering newsover the phone to my husband in Iraq. First I had to tell him I waspregnant. Then I had to tell him the nurse said we'd probably lose thebaby. Then I got to happily tell him that I'd had an ultrasound andsaw our baby's little heartbeat.And then Thursday I had to tell him that the baby has died and that I have to miscarry without him.

But what I didn't mention in that paragraph is that I had mailed my husband the ultrasound photo of our healthy little baby. And then the baby died while the photo was still in the mail. So my husband already knew our baby was dead by the time the jubilant card arrived announcing how exciting it was that our baby was fine.

And the card arrived on Father's Day. Oy.

So this time, I am scared to death to send the ultrasound photos. I am afraid that disaster will strike during their two-week journey to my husband. So they're piling up. I have three weeks of healthy ultrasound photos that I am too nervous to mail. I have scanned them to him so he could see them over email, but I just want him to have the hard copies too. But I've been burned before...

Why can't the mail go faster?

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