I'm not a big fan of coats, even when they're necessary and when we're living in cool climates which require them. For some reason, I've just never been able to find a coat I've totally loved. That's why I've opted to use cozy wraps. I have thick wool ones to shield me from the extreme cold, and wraps that are lightweight for less-extreme temps.

When my husband was in Afghanistan, he sent several beautiful and colorful pashminas to me. I love them all, but I became attached to one in particular. My favorite pashmina was brown with punches of color here and there, but they were subtle so the wrap went with just about anything I chose to wear.

I take that pashmina with me everywhere. It's really great to have when traveling or dining out because airplanes and restaurants tend to be cold. I was out of town this weekend and, as usual, had my favorite wrap with me. On the last leg of my connecting flight, I began to get cold so I got my bag out of the overhead bin to get my pashmina out. Only it wasn't there. I frantically began searching through the bag two more times, then around my seat and even in my purse. It was gone. It is gone. Somewhere, in one of the three airports I visited this weekend, I lost my favorite pashmina. I am crushed.

It's not just any old pashmina, it's the pashmina that my husband picked out for me when he was deployed, so it's more than just something to keep me warm. It's special. Whoever found it couldn't possibly know the what it means to me. I just hope they turn it in because for the last two years, when I've worn my pashmina, I've also worn memories that are important to me.


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