Breaths of Fresh Air


SpouseBUZZ is pleased to announce that we're adding four new authors to the current line-up. We're very excited about getting some fresh perspectives on military life here at SpouseBUZZ. As of now, we're ready to announce two of the new authors.

Marine Wife is, well, a Marine Wife. She's also been blogging for a long time at her own site. Many of us had the privilege of meeting her at SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg.

Penny is an Army Wife and came to our first SpouseBUZZ LIVE event, which was held in Killeen, Texas almost three years ago. She must have had a good time, because she and her husband attended SpouseBUZZ LIVE San Antonio! Penny also has her own blog.

Marine Wife and Penny, welcome aboard. We're really looking forward to reading your stories.

On an unrelated note, yes we took a hiatus from the SpouseBUZZ Challenge due to travel and SpouseBUZZ event, but get ready - it's about to start up again....

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