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While everyday life can often be mundane, the military lifestyle offers quite a bit of adventure, too. Early in my marriage, I met another spouse who had lived in Africa and spent time with gorillas. I never thought I'd havestories to live up to that. But now, I can say thatI've had my fair share of adventures.

Less than a year into our marriage, we packed up and moved all the way across the country. A few months after settling in to our new homein the Mojave Desert, a7.1 earthquake woke us up in the middle of the night. Once, we opened our front door to find a juvenile rattlesnake coiled near the door at the same duty station. In Korea, I thought monsoon season would never end and started to empathize with Noah a little too much. Then there was the time my oldest child almost fell into the bear pit when our friends took us to the Singapore Zoo.

Justlast week, from a dock I watched a hugealligator in the wild that was only a couple of yards away from me. Then this past weekend, I came within a foot of a stingray while at the beach with my family and my oldest almost came face to face with a barracuda while snorkeling. My husband, who was right behind her, said she suddenly did a one-eighty in the water and started stroking for shore without ever lifting her head out of the water (or telling her dad he might want to go to shore, too).

Come to think of it, I could use a little less adventure in my life.

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