You people are nuts


When I was 20, and a fresh faced bride driving cross country with my just returned from Desert Storm husband to our new home in North Carolina we hit a drive thru in Missouri.

"I will take the largest iced tea you have"

I took the biggest drink ever, and then spit it all over the interior of the car.

"someone put flat pop in this!" I said while choking.

DH , took a sip and said "hun, that is sweet tea."

"Sweet tea? You people are nuts.

18 years later I have grown to love sweet tea, but only partake on special occasions.

I also know the key to excellent sweet tea is to start with a simple syrup. (Thank You Paula)

The last eight years I spent down south, I am now used to 110 degree days, and 90 degree nights, and sweet tea.

And now, well we are back in the Midwest, and summer, we are waiting for it.

When driving by an outdoor, unheated pool and seeing folks jump in the icy waters when the high temp for the day is 65 degrees.

I find myself saying, "you people are nuts!"

DH says I will soon be used to this, and will be able to wear a swimsuit when it is 65 degrees. Come on? Seriously? Swimming in 65 degree weather? What are we in Iceland or something? That is polar bear club swimming.

It should be outlawed.


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