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We all know how our service-members rock their uniforms, right? I mean, seriously. Yum. It's one of the definite perks of the lifestyle.

Well one former soldier is rockin' the catwalk on TV Land! Tonight we're interviewing Raquel Riley, former Army Captain and current contestant on She's Got the Look.

In case you didn't click the link, here is Raquel - and WOW!

Raquel Did I mention she also has three children?

Tonight we'll be talking to Raquel about her Army life, her time on the show, and getting some tips on how a military spouse can keep herself looking good and get ready for those moments when we want to do some seriously glam time (like homecomings!) despite our hectic and unpredictable schedules.

Listen to the show on SpouseBUZZ Livewire at 8 pm EST and join us in the chat room! As always, we'll have a great time - you don't want to miss it!

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