To Rush or to Hustle?


The Boss and I are PCSing -- as 'tis the season. This go'round, she's pressing ahead with winding down the chores at work and I'm solo racing cross country to beat the van to the new destination as if I get there first, then we get to do the famous "door-to-door" move. Yea Team! Furniture, boxes, "my stuff" gets handled only twice; once on, once off. Versus adding a complete set of possible abuses by going into storage first.

So with that, comes the need to rush headlong, almost blindly, to the next installation.This is a three day drive, at 9-10 hours a day ... so focusand lots of AMP to get me down the road... but yesterday, Day One,I realized I was driving right smack through the town of one of my heroes. So I dropped her an email and asked, "I'm driving through, can I buy you a cuppa coffee?"

And she said ...

Rather than just coffee, let's eat. You'll need to stop and besides, I'd love to have the kids and hubby meet you. And I sez, sounds like a lot of trouble ... but agreed.

Then I realized ... Good Grief! The day I was meeting them was Father's Day! I was butting-in on their Father's Day! I quickly sent her an email and proffered a Rain Check and she'd hear nothing of it. And then it hit me ... her kids and husband were willing to give up their time together to spend it with me, a stranger to them ... if only I'd slow my Rush down, ... and proceed with a slight Hustle.

I stopped. I enjoyed. The kidsare darling.Hubby is a gentleman, and a warrior. It was a wonderful time. Stop the Rush.Hug your friends. Meet their families. Keep the Hustle--aswhether you "beat the van" or notis irrelevant when it comes to life-long relationships.I can always buy "more stuff."

O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

(Oh, and the pancakes were awesome ...)

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