Tiny Feelings of Resentment


Sis B's husband is home, and she's still liveblogging reintegration. One paragraph of her recent post jumped out at me.

Speaking of resentment... I'm harboring a little more of that in thedepartment of feeling underappreciated. Most of my readers know thechallenges I have faced during this deployment. (If you don't, go backin my archives a year and read forward from there). What with 2hospitalizations, a premature baby, a numerous amount of casualtieswithin the unit, an unexplained mystery illness which is stillsymptomatic, the false casualty notification, the loss of a good friendin Iraq... um... I've been a little busy. I've had my fair share oftrauma and near-death experiences. I also turned thirty, which is aharrowing event in and of itself (ha!). I do not, in any way, feel likeI have had it harder than my husband. I do, however, feel that I haveendured enough to have a little respect and appreciation from him. Hegets to be called a hero, have ceremonies, parades, and a lifetime ofrespect. I am a housewife. It doesn't really have the same ring, doesit?

I think we all have felt this way for one moment or another. Sometimes we like to be thanked too.

And sometimes we go through things during deployment, enormous things, life-altering things. And while I don't need a tickertape parade or a medal ceremony, it is nice to have someone, especially your spouse, acknowledge that you had it rough. That you don't have to be in combat to be scared.

Well said, Sis B.

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