The predeployment edge


I think we might be approaching a month that Seadaddy has been gone. But for the monthish leading up to it we participated in the predeployment dance so many seem to go through. Lots of aw moments, reminiscing about the past, enjoying each other's company, guessing what our little man is likely to do while he is gone, wondering how communication will go while he is on the ground, and making bets on how long our redeployment honeymoon phase will last. Let's not forget getting up each other's butts, annoying each other and bickering about some of the most ridiculous and petty stuff.

I can't believe this negative part of predeployment seems completely unavoidable. Thank goodness for facebook status updates, because I was able to get some reassurance that I was not alone in this routine. Somehow that seems to lessen my anxiety over not having things work out as well as I think they should. And yet I was surprised because it seems us 'civilian' wives are not the only ones who dance this dance. We have married friends who are both active duty and the wife said she also finds predeployment prone to the nitpicking and negative. For some reason I was surprised by this. I thought for sure they have both been through enough seperations and deployments on both sides that they would have their stuff together by now. I don't know why I thought that mil to mil marriages would have more of the answers, but I am comforted even those well versed in the military way of life aren't keeping secrets from the rest of us.

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