Hey, You People are Weird....


Being a military wife means having all kinds of interesting odd things laying around the house. Cotsand cords. Camelbacks and canteens. Survival tools. And of course, there's the apparel.Footwear, ponchos, neckwarmers, gloves, cold weather gear and warm weather gear. Oh, and there are tons and tons of uniforms, and things that attach to said uniforms. On and on it goes.... airforcewife has blogged repeatedly about being married to a "geardo." It is a rather amusing existence.

In the evenings, my husband and I try to sit out on the patio, relax after our day and just take in the chirping sounds of nature. It's verytherapeuticand had become a ritual I began to enjoy until one day my husband decided to change it. And not in a good way.

I was sitting outside unwinding, being one with nature, when my husband arrived home late from work. He joined me on the patio with wads of paperwork in his hands. After the normal greeting, he walked inside and turned the patio light on, which resulted in me feeling like I was being placed under the bright lights of an interrogation room. The soothing ambience disappeared instantly and the feel was, well, just not the same.

A few nights later, the same thing happened, only this time, my husband didn't turn the spotlight on. Nope, instead he strapped this device which had a mini-spotlight on it around his head and began to read. The military man's version of something like this. He was so proud of himself for finding a solution to the problem, and at that point, I was happy to be married to a geardo.

Last night, I sat outside with my husband and his contraption and I started laughingout loud. I appreciate my husband's creative solution, but I have to say, he looks utterly ridiculous sitting on the patio with a spotlight strapped to his head. The neighbors must think we're the weirdest people they have ever seen in their lives. And truthfully, we probably are.....

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