"That Lovely Army Jerk-You-Around Stage"


Entirely coincidentally, many of us SpouseBUZZ authors all seem to be right at the beginning of deployments at the moment. To my knowledge, no one is at the end of a deployment right now. But Sis B is, and she's been liveblogging her feelings on pre-reintegration. Today's hilarious quote:

We're at that lovely Army jerk-you-around stage when they will eitherbe home tomorrow or maybe in three weeks or possibly by your birthdaybut not before Independence Day but it could always be by Father's Daybut don't make any plans until after Labor Day but wait until Christmasif you want to be really safe. No, really, they're serious this time, ya'll!

Heh. Go follow Sis B and the kids as they wait for Daddy to come home this month. Or next month. Or by Christmas. You know, whatever.

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