Salt 'N Vinegar, Please....


Before we left our last duty station, I went grocery shopping one day when I was starving. Always a bad idea.... I picked up several items that I normally don't buy. I think I was hoping the photos on the products would settle in my stomach by osmosis or something. One of those items was Salt and Vinegar almonds. I never opened the can. I ate the chocolate cake and whip cream parfait I bought at the bakery. In the parking lot.

Last week, I was going through the cupboard (hungry again), and I ran across that can of almonds. Although I was skeptical, I opened the can. To my surprise, I found that I loved them, and I consumed the entire can in only two days.

Today, I went to the grocery store and yep, you guessed it, Salt and Vinegar almonds were nowhere to be found. I had a rather unpleasant flashback.

Moving really sucks when you have the munchies.....

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