I was driving back onto post this morning with all windows down enjoying the sun. Little Man sits behind me and apparently caught the gate guard's attention. As the guard is checking my id he is chatting up my son and asking him if he is staying out of trouble and if he is being good for daddy today and if he let daddy sleep in.

Then he looks back to me for some kind of feedback. Like he wants the real story and not just the flirt face Little Man has perfected.

So I tell him that Daddy is in Iraq so he is pretty safe from any trouble Little Man causes.

Oops. Poor man about had to sit down, he didn't know where to go from there. At all. Which wasn't what I expected or I might have just taken the smile and nod approach as he was being terribly nice in our thirty second exchange.

And in related news: Happy Father's Day! To all the dads in this military family of ours who are deployed, tdy, geo bachelors or otherwise separated from your kids, know there are plenty of people with a little extra tug in their heart for you and yours! Especially the ones where communication might not be possible.

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