Mechanic Fail or no I cannot fix teh washing machinze


Funny-pictures-cat-washing-machine-dog I am not sure which # life lesson I am on today. I sort of like to advise anyone who reads SpouseBuzz, to become the anti-me.

Today was one of those days.

Actually this all started last night. I was up late doing laundry, when whammo, my wash machine went wonky. It would not complete a cycle. The darn thing kept cycling through over and over but would not spin out. I am unsure of how much water I wasted, but it seemed to be taking forever. And then, the famous beeping noise when it is wonky.

After looking at it for a while, I retired to bed, knowing 1am, was not an ideal time to fix a wash machine. Especially since I am not particularly skilled. So I went to bed, and did not sleep well, kept tossing and turning about the cost of repair, piles of laundry, and all of the beach towels and swimwear we go through in the summer.

(A side note here) When we moved into this home, the new house came with a perfectly new wash machine, which I gifted to my Father for all his help painting. I love my wash machine, and wanted to keep it. (Note to self, an extra wash machine is not a bad thing, especially when you live in a home in which laundry accumulates like rabbits.)

I woke this morning, drove my children to VBS, and came home, threw a ballcap on, and started researching online, reading the service manual, after I was unable to locate the big manual (I am pretty sure a repairman snagged it, but again I digress. )

After researching this particular model, I decide to run a diagnostic on it, the problem the diagnosis comes out in binary, uh yeah it made my head spin. So after reading others complaints that were similar I decided to dive in, all of my milspouse friends do it. However, with this particular brand, the parts are hard to come by. No one in Nebraska is familiar with the machines (another mistake I think... buying an imported machine). I came to the conclusion that it could at least try it. I made about 5 phone calls, and was laughed out of town when asking if the parts I needed were stocked. This made my feathers fluffy. I finally located the part I needed, and drove across town to pick it up, a steal at $32.50. I came home, and started disassembling my machine. I had to refer to the internet often, but I managed it. I also must tell you I was gaining confidence in my abilities. After removing the old diverter valve I found nothing wrong with it, so I decided to keep it just in case. I installed the new valve. I managed to plug everything in, hook up hoses, turn on the water, and what do you know, the power button came on! Victory. I was so proud of myself, my poor friends had to deal with Facebook postings that chimed of my success. (I counted my chickens before they were hatched. another mistake, see a pattern?)

My success was short lived, as the machine started doing the same thing. I unhooked it yet again, and checked the valve, and decided I could have transposed 2 wires, so I changed them again. I hook up the machine yet again, and BOOM It appears to be working. Victory! It even made it through a wash cycle! I rule, I am queen of the laundry room.

I then decide to take the kids to the grocery store, as we have no milk, cereal, bread or eggs. We will die if i don't maintain a food supply. I certainly need to maintain some level of civility in this home. I do not need people running naked, and starving. We return from the store to hear beeping, and see water standing in the tub of the machine. I failed....

"Really? Seriously? After all I have done for you wash machine? This is how you are going to repay me? You are going to stand and beep in your binary code and mock me? "

I will not lie, I am PMS'ing, and I wasn't sure if I should cry or shoot the darn thing. (another lesson do not fix things, when you are PMS'ing, it is torture, for EVERYONE around you)

Tonight, I am trying it yet again, I just completed one load a small one, as I did not want soaking clothes strewn about. It worked. I am not as excited or thrilled as I was. Humility or something I suppose.

I am soggy, I feel like I have been in a public pool changing room all day. Between the wet clothes, wet floor, wet seat from sitting on a damp surface...I am done, I just want to be dry at this point.

It was an adventurous day for me, like I said, I normally do not tackle projects like this, but have been inspired by a lot of you. The biggest thing I have repaired is toilet flappers. That I can do like a champ! But a wash machine, that is all computerized, yeah I will let you know how it come out. It is running, no beeping....YET.

I would suggest buying the most standard wash machine you can find, as an exotic wash machine is something you can live without.

My Husband said this "the only thing worse than doing laundry, is to be unable to do it"....I think he may be right.

*Update: This is the site I used when repairing the machine, they nailed the diagnosis, the Parts number, and pretty much walked me through the entire process. Cost. $0! I love the internets! My machine washed 5 loads today, no problems.

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