Make That Two Suitcases


My husband starts block leave today, and next week we're jetting off for our first hotel vacation in four years (you know, as opposed to the go-visit-family vacations that military families usually spend their leave days on.) Since airlines now charge for suitcases, I assured my husband that we would be able to fit all our stuff in one big suitcase. It's only a week, right? And it's summer, so there's no bulky sweaters or coats.

Apparently I didn't think this one through...

My husband wants to keep up his exercise regimen while we're gone, and going with him to the hotel gym is a good way to motivate me to exercise too. So that means seven extra sets of workout clothes for both him and me, plus running shoes. And we're going to Las Vegas, which means 100° weather, which means we might like a change of clothes during the day if we get too hot. My husband loves sundresses, so several of those are going with us, but then I will need hanging-around-the-hotel clothes, plus the swimsuits and nice clothes for a night out...

And then there's the specialty items. Without getting graphic, let's just say that there's been requests for certain pairs of underpants, and certain types of nightgowns, and various garters and lingerie and horribly restricting garments. I will probably have to pack 20 pairs of underpants for a one week vacation.

(This could be a whole separate post, mind you. Oh, the things we do for our spouses right before they leave! Guard Wife just traveled to see her husband off for the final time before he deploys, and she said:

I think it can be agreed that I'm not very girlie. But, when a personhas not seen their husband in a month and they are staring down a yearwithout seeing him, a person kind of desires to look her best. Hence,the spray-on tan (which was totally worth the headache--I look hot),root touch-up, other 'maintenance' shall we say that isn't alwayspleasant.

We love them and know they won't see us for a while, so we indulge their uncomfortable corset requests and annoying hair dying and/or removal procedures. But I'm all about the quid pro quo: my husband will be posing for action photos in his new ACS before he leaves, whether he likes it or not. *Note: with his pants on, just in case you have different definitions of "action photos" than I do. I meant soldier action, not action action.)

So between the dresses and the exercise clothes and the naughty nurse outfit (I'm just kidding! seriously!), the suitcase is already way full, and we haven't even talked about shoes yet.

Forget it: we're paying for the extra suitcase.

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