I Am a PCS Worrier


I have PCS on the brain, and we're not moving any time soon. But those 36 hours back in April set my mindframe and started the worrying process. We will probably be moving a year from now, and the crazy is already setting in.

It all started with detergent...

I had finally run out of the special "without optical brighteners" detergent I use to wash my husband's ACUs. So at the store, I grabbed the biggest, most economical jug and started to put it in my shopping cart. And then I paused. My husband is deploying soon for nine months, and then we will PCS a few months after that. If I buy the big jug of detergent, that means I will either be throwing most of it away or I will be lugging it via POV to the next duty station.

(And trust me, that's something I would do because I am a freak when it comes to wasting things. When we PCSed to Germany, I packed a mostly-full bottle of sesame oil in my suitcase because I thought it was wasteful to throw it out and buy a new one when we got to Germany. Naturally, the bottle leaked into my suitcase and all my belongings smelled like Asian cuisine.)

That one act of buying detergent set in motion a chain of crazy. Now I am looking at everything in the house with PCS Eyes, mentally weeding through it. I am mentally putting stuff into storage so we can "stage" the house to try to sell it. I am looking at all the things we brought with us when we arrived 2 1/2 years ago that we have not even touched the entire time we've lived here, wondering if we really need to take those things on to the next duty station.

People, we are not leaving for another year. I will go insane if I do this for the next twelve months.

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