FREE Family Event At Michaels



This coming Saturday, the craft store Michaels is hosting a FREE family event for Father's Day. Kids can make greeting cards or postcards using their thumb- and fingerprints. I think it's a great opportunity for military kids to make cards for deployed daddies, with plenty of time to mail the cards after the event but before Father's Day. And all supplies will be FREE! Heck, even if Daddy isn't deployed, it's a cute way to make him a personalized card. Or the card doesn't even specifically have to be geared towards Dad; there are instructions on how to make gorillas, monkeys, fish, etc with your fingerprints!

If you live near a Michaels anywhere in the US, this event should be at your store. It could be a good activity for your family this weekend.

[Full disclosure: I am employed by my local Michaels and will be working at this event. I made the sample cards for this weekend and they are wicked cute.]

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