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Air Force Guy is currently outside the United States, which means that our primary mode of communication is Google Talk.

I have the GoogleTalk application loaded onto my phone so he can contact me and I can get his chat no matter where I am.

However - and this is a big however - sometimes I just need to hear his voice. What that means is that since the magic of free Google Talk means I can talk to my husband over my computer, I tend to postpone my day until I have had that call with him. The computer stays on, I limit my activities, I don't even like to go to the bathroom because I might miss a call. This can suck up a significant amount of the day.

Like right now. Right now I'm waiting for a call, but I also have a room to clean and scrub since one of my favorite peeps in the world is coming to visit tomorrow. Instead, I'm attached to my computer waiting for that chirping noise that tells me the man is online and ready to talk.

Thank goodness I have Sarah to talk about this to. Because it IS frustrating sometimes. And it doesn't mean I love my husband any less and I'm not really complaining in my complaint.

But goodness gracious, sometimes I'd like to have my schedule be the one that sets the conversational pace!

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