Army Wives: Season Three Starts Sunday


Season Two of Army Wives had just begun when my husband and I started our PCS move. I was only able to watch a couple of episodes before we left on our journey across the country. There was no way to DVR the episodes while on the road, so I missed two episodes, and when I finally moved into the new house, I was so busy with unpacking and setting up that I had to DVR the rest of the season, andour weekly threads imploded.

A couple of months ago, I finally sat down and watched the taped episodes. I had forgotten how much I missed and enjoy the show. Other than 24 and the occasional show on HGTV, Army Wives is the only television show I watch. I remember complaining during the first season about there being so much drama and how the producers really needed to slow it down a bit so they could explore and develop the characters even more, but I found with Season Two that it was a bit slower than I would havepreferred. Yeah, I know - I sound a littleschizophrenic.... We'll see what Season Three brings very soon. It kicks off this Sunday.

I'll just add this - They are going to have to introduce a major character and lose him or her to a PCS move, at least for a season or two (they can move back later). It's just not going to be realistic without it. Moving is a huge part of Army life. Plus, there are so many story lines that can develop from a PCS move. The emotions of saying good-bye to people you love, actually prepping for the move, the move itself, adjusting to a new community and new faces and, from the perspective of those you left, having someone move into your best friend's old house. Lots to work with there! I'm assuming Claudia Joy will not be moving now that her daughter is missing.

Despite my minor gripes, I still enjoy the show very much and I'm looking forward to Sunday night. Season One ended with a bang - literally. Season Two ended with a whimper. The finale was dramatic, but not exactly a cliffhanger, and not one that kept me waiting for the premiere of the next season as I did after Season One.

What about you? How did you view Season Two? Are you ready for the show to start up again? Predictions for this season?

If enough of you are interested in a live chat right here at SpouseBUZZ during the premiere of Season Three, let us know. If so, I can set up some new live chat software and we'll try it out.

From Lifetime, Army Wives take a look at a real Homecoming:

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