When Stationed Near Family...

Very rarely have we been stationed within driving distance of my family. Within acceptable driving distance, that is. I mean, you can drive anywhere in the CONUS (and we pretty much have).

So it is very strange to now have my brother, my sister-in-law, and their adorable ten month old triplets stationed within a five hour drive of us.

I understand that to many people five hours sounds like a long time, but decided a few weekends ago we just HAD to visit the babies and drove down Saturday morning and back on Sunday. It wasn't a hard drive, either. And we got to spend a day and a night with the cousins and even let my brother and sister-in-law get out to see a movie alone.

It was awesome. But kind of weird, too. I'm not used to having family that close. Two of my kids are even going to stay with their Auntie and Uncle when I head out to SpouseBUZZ Live at Hill AFB! That's a first for us, being able to comfortably leave our kids with family while traveling! (I've already put the stink-eye on the girls about being helpful and not being brats while visiting for the weekend)

In fact, the kids and I already have plans to go visit once a month or so (my brother and SIL may end up objecting to this frequent invasion of their house, and I really wouldn't blame them. Air Force Family tries to be low key, but we somehow end up making a ruckus anywhere we go) while Air Force Guy is deployed. I mean - we get to have close relationships with cousins! The very idea is strange and exotic and exciting!

And perhaps what is most odd at all, I've already started to feel a little sad. I know that we'll be moving in about two years - overseas most likely. Which means that when my little nephews hit about three years old we won't be able to come cause an uproar at their house once a month or so, and we'll only get to see the family about once a year.

I have anticipatory grief about moving away from my brother and his family. Isn't that the weirdest thing you've ever heard?

But honestly, how could anyone resist this sad face*?

Cranky robbie

*please excuse the blurriness, this auntie came unprepared and had to use her cell phone to take a zillion baby pictures

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