What is My Zip Code?


Things are pretty quiet here on SpouseBUZZ, as most of the authors are travelling this week for SpouseBUZZ Live. I had an interesting thought during my trip, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had this experience. When I went to the airport, I thought I should put my frequent flyer number on my ticket so that I can get credit for these flights. I know that there are ways for the airline people to find my number. Unfortunately, it usually involves providing the address at which I lived when I last used that account.

Seriously? I'm like, "Could you give me a clue?" Maybe just the first digit? Because I don't know what zip code I might have used. Heck, I can barely remember some of them. You know, the blue house? With the toilet that always overflowed? Where was that?

As I told the people here at SpouseBUZZ Live today, it helps to make a list. If you start when you first get married, so you have some chance of remembering where you've been so far. Make a couple of copies - send one to your parents and one to your best friend. It won't help you at the airport, but it will help when you apply for some job that requires you to list every place that you've lived for the last 10 years.

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