I'm a little slow to this whole technology thing...I'm still impressed that we have email and don't have to write daily letters that require numbering. That said, I totally love to use the internet to chat with my deployed husband. We use the Facebook chat feature, though I know there are other options. What cracks me up is my behavior. I open up Facebook as soon as I turn on the computer in the morning, and I leave it open all day, closing it right before I go to bed. That way, my husband can hopefully catch me when he has a moment. Of course, I have to turn the volume up to the highest level so I don't miss him if he does get on.

The downside to this great technology is that one day I'm going to break my leg trying to get to the computer. I can't possibly be the only person who hears that "pop," hops up, and runs across the house, leaping laundry and swinging around bannister so that I don't miss him. It is sort of comical, and sort of ridiculous, and sort of fun all at the same time. Right until I break something.

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