Military Spouse Appreciation Day


Many military installations and communities are holding events and offering discountstoday -just for you. Be sure to check your local area information links and websites for details.

Today is all about YOU!My fellow milspouses, I wish you anoutstanding day.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Would you apply for this position?

"Will be routinely uprooted and moved across the country or world, will be left alone for months at a time, must be creative with career choice and in the pursuit of higher education."

Military spouses meet these "job requirements" every day and do sowith style and grace. The men and women who are left behind on the home front to manage their familiesalso serve their country.

The life of a military family is one of unique challenges and since 1984, the armed forces have set aside a special day to acknowledge the significant contributions of our military spouses. The spouses of our service men and women are extraordinary people and we ask you tohonor their service and sacrifice this year on the 8th of May.
Chairman Issues Military Spouse Appreciation Day Message
Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has issued a message to servicemembers and their families around the world, commemorating May 8 as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Here is the chairman's message: "Each May, our nation pauses to pay tribute to our past, present and future military spouses. Nothing could be more right, or more honorable, than this. Without our families, those of us in uniform cannot serve. And truly, our spouses serve just as much as we do. "Despite the strain of nearly eight years of war and numerous critical engagements around the globe, America's military is stronger and more capable than ever. From personal experience, I know that much of that strength comes from our spouses. They are vital to our success. And they make the journey of service - truly one we choose together - so much richer, rewarding, and satisfying. "Military spouses bear great burdens, but they also know the tremendous difference they are making. That resilience is due not just to the rewards of service - which are great - but also by means of a critical network of support, one that many spouses themselves create. "Deborah and I have seen and experienced this network ourselves - and believe us - it makes a big difference. "On behalf of the Joint Chiefs and their families, we are proud to honor this occasion on the eighth of May. The unending service and sacrifice of our military spouses are worthy of both praise and an equally continuous commitment from a grateful nation." Sincerely, M.G. MULLEN Admiral, U.S. Navy

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  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day

    We come in all...ShapesSizesAgesBackgroundsColorsTheologiesIdeologiesSocieties

    Some of us are Army-strong, others of us are in the Air Force-blue, there are a few proud Marines, a wealth of Navy and the ever-vigilant Coast Guard.We love our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coasties. Most of us don't wear the uniform but all of us swoon (deeper than a civilian can understand) when we see the uniform.We keep the home-fire lit and our babies at bay. We manage the home-front with grace and ease mixed with a few fumbles and a bit of heartache. We may not be "issued" but we are chosen!We depend on friends, mentors, networks and far away family to get us through the tough times.We use strength to carry us. Distance to mold us. Tears to soften us. Laughter to brighten us. Perseverance to humble us.To all the military-spouses I wish you a Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! (Friday, May 8th) It is a proclamation from a president in years past. It is a the wish for a day full of cheer. It is a hope that although your burdens are heavy, that your future will be bright.- Leanne

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