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There's always someone deploying, someone who is deployed, someone who is coming home... Our life is that cycle, right?

Air Force Guy is deploying in very short order. Guard Wife's husband is deploying quickly, too - and she's already put deployment on notice. Homefront Six has already noticed a few things deployment is putting in her path in an attempt to trip her up. She of the Sea has been keeping us up to date on her deployment journey, from silly to irritating to thought provoking. And Sarah actually had a very good pre-deployment experience!

When I was reading through military.com today I noticed an article that may be very helpful to those getting ready for a deployment. It's a good place to start -6 Important Ways to Cope With Deployment. Goodness knows I'm all about #1 on that list - getting enough sleep! The problem is that I have severe insomnia. It's hard enough for me to get to sleep at night, taking a nap is not something my body will give into.

Since, as Sarah has told us, every deployment is a unique snowflake, I'd like to hear from you. What was your most important deployment coping technique? Sleep? Exercise? Pasta? Chocolate Lava Cake? 2$ Margarita Night at Don Pablos? (I kid! I kid!)

Mine, strangely enough, was crocheting and sewing while watching a movie on TV. Nothing on earth would help me find my zen during a deployment better than that.

How about you?

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