Hanging on by a Thread


I know you've all been there...that place where you think about the next couple of days and wonder how much stuff you aren't going to be able to get done, because it just isn't possible to do it all.  It seems to be a common thread amongst the SpouseBUZZ authors right now - deployments and PCSs are pushing most of us right to the edge of our sanity.  I'm guessing that a lot of you are the same place.

The other day I mentioned "the next 10 days of chaos," and a friend looked at me quizzically.  Seriously, it isn't at all hard to imagine:  the end of the school year stuff, times four kids, minus one parent.  Subtract the non-deployed parent for one fun SpouseBUZZ weekend in Utah (Hill AFB, here we come!) and add back in two grandparents who are traveling a distance to watch the kids, plus are allergic to cats and dirt.  Multiply the kids by the swim practices, and add the Mom helping to run the swim league.  Try (desperately) to subtract some weight from Mom's mid-section (Fit Club post coming soon, I promise!), and also subtract all the hours that it takes to accomplish that goal.  Take Mom's job and multiply it by at least twice the number of hours it is supposed to be.  Subtract one kid and the parent for a two day, overnight field trip, add a field day (times four) and one promotion ceremony.  I'm tired just writing about it.

And I know that my schedule is pretty easy, because this is the first summer in three that we are not moving.  For those of you who are trying to juggle a PCS as well, I wish I could help.  That truly would push me over the edge.

For now, I'm just hoping that this thread is strong enough to keep me together for a little bit longer.

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