Fit Club: Squeezing in A Little Extra


My week has not been my own. Something about having four kids, and a job, and a deployed spouse...it feels like my entire week was hijacked by a string of obligations. Add in some lousy weather and it seems like I've hardly moved at all this week.

I know that there are two components to exercise: cardiovascular and strength training. Both are hard to "squeeze in" to an already busy schedule (and most of us have busy schedules!) I've been trying to figure out ways to add both kinds of activity to my regular day. I have been successful at dancing while I fold the laundry, and I've always been good about climbing the little step at the gas station while I'm pumping gas, but I'm sure there are more neat tricks that I hadn't even considered. (However, my daughter declared, "My family is weird," when she saw me using canned fruit as weights today.)

So, Fit Clubbers, what are your secrets to adding a little extra motion to your day? Thank you for sharing with us - it is so nice to know that we're not alone.

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