A Call for Your Stories: "Making the Most of It"


One of the things I love most about SpouseBUZZ is the collective effort of our authors and readers to support each other, and to search for the silver lining in the clouds that sometimes engulf military life. Sure, we bitch and moan on occasion, who doesn't? But that's not the real story. The real story is that you always seem to find a way to pick yourselves up by the bootstraps and carry on. Not just carry on, but thrive. And it's that "can do" attitude that I think best defines most milspouses.

Over the past two years, we've heard some truly heart-wrenching stories from many of you, both on the blog and at our LIVE events, and they're almost always followed by a lesson in grit, determination and character. I've found so much inspiration here, and if our email is any indication, so have countless other milspouses, and we thank you for that.

This is why I was thrilled to receive an email yesterday from Kyat Sukel asking if I would post a call for stories from our readers for a series she's working on for BurstingWithPride.

I could paraphrase what Kayt is looking for, but I'll just quote her:

My column is called, "Making the Most of it" and one of my mandates is to feature spouses that are doing just that - taking advantage of their spouses' career in the military, or deployments to achieve their own dreams. I was hoping you might be willing to let me call for stories on SpouseBUZZ. I know you guys have a fantastic audience and I know there are plenty of women there who are definitely making the most of their military lives.

There sure are! Here's your chance to have your story featured by Kyat.Click here to send an email to Kaytfor more details, and come back over to let us know if your story will be featured, we'd love to know about it, and link to it.

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